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Commercial Service and Construction

Santiam Electric can install, maintain or repair, any of your commercial electrical needs. We are well versed in all aspects of electrical and equipment wiring. We will install and service your light fixtures, electrical controls, video surveillance and intercom systems.

We will connect and wire transformers, circuit breakers and any other types of commercial components you may have. Santiam Electric will label breakers and power connections to equipment. We will make sure the equipment works properly by running it through manufacturer suggested testing.

We will prepare sketches or blueprints for you to determine where your equipment and wiring is located. This is helpful in ensuring the building and safety codes are maintained.

Our skills and knowledge of the commercial electrical trade is unparalleled. We have a vast knowledge of the building and construction business which helps us help you with your design.

We listen, and ask the right questions. In this way you will make the right decisions for your equipment selections and electrical needs. Don't delay call us today, Santiam Electric (503)365-0673


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